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   Welcome to Analog Bros. Custom Amplification, home of the finest handmade vacuum tube electronic equipment for musical instruments and recording. We believe that you should be able to get the tone you’re seeking, and we have the products and services to help you achieve your goal.

   Analog Bros. handmade equipment, our custom modifications and other services can help you achieve the sound that has always seemed just out of reach.
   Analog Bros. equipment is designed to produce optimum tone across a wide range of musical styles. By approaching electronic design from the perspective of musicians, we’ve found the most vital amplifier characteristic is how it responds to the instrument. Whether it be a guitar amp or microphone pre-amp, the ability to respond to and enhance the source is paramount.

   Great tone isn't worth much if your equipment doesn't work. All Analog Bros. products, modifications and repairs employ top grade parts, clean layout, and robust design. Our attention to detail means that your gear will work when you turn it on, and will retain its great sound from gig to session to practice. Analog Bros. equipment is reliable and stable, so you can concentrate on your music, not the gear.

   Each amplifier, like each client, is an individual with different needs. Unlike many companies, we feel that both should be treated as such and deserve a unique solution.

   Our philosophy has always been centered on providing the optimum solution to the individual client's needs, rather than by building the "one size fits all" type of products common to the industry. Working closely with each client's specific requirements and budget, we are often able to take our existing designs and optimize them to their specifications. Each project is undertaken in this manner and executed with an attention to detail not found elsewhere.

   We hope you find our site interesting and informative. Rather than just describe our products like a sales brochure, we’ve tried to provide some insight into our design process and philosophy. As musicians first and engineers next, we hope to communicate our passion for the music and the gear that helps create it.

   Analog Bros. products contain no Chinese tubes or components.