December 2006

2006 was a busy year here at Analog Bros. Two big items are that we’ve rewritten our web site and put together a new shop to better serve our clients. The web site has been in the works for quite a long time and we finally were able to launch a cut down version of it at our new host:

There will be much more to come, including sections on recording gear, the Hammond organ and technical articles on safety, loudness and other topics.

The addition of our new shop provides us with a total of 5 fully equipped workstations. This way we can simultaneously be doing repairs, building gear and working on our ever continuing R&D projects.

We’ll write a feature on some of the great HP test gear we use sometime soon.

One of the more interesting jobs we worked on this year was the new Dr. Lonnie Smith release “Jungle Soul” on Palmetto Records.

It’s always a pleasure and a thrill to work with the good Dr.! We did extensive rework to his B3 and interfaced it to our heavily modified Leslie. Playing by a true master like Dr. Lonnie really brings out the best in any equipment!

Being in the control room while Dr. Lonnie and the band played live was definitely a high point of ‘06.

Dr. Lonnie Smith at the wheel of his Hammond Organ, at Maggie's Farm Studio in Bucks County, PA

We’ve had a great time rebuilding a classic Neotek S3-C console with Bill and Jay at Catapult Studio. This great desk should be online making music early in ‘07. Go Analog!

The Neotek S3-C console at Catapult Studios, currently being rebuilt top-to-bottom by Analog Bros.

Late last summer, a series of hurricanes hit the U.S. gulf coast, causing widespread damage and loss of life. Our friends at Lava Cable decided to do something to help, and organized a raffle to benefit the Red Cross relief efforts. We contributed several lots of NOS tubes and a special “grand prize”. This was a conversion of a Fender Bassman to Analog Bros Model 32 specification. The lucky winner was Mr Norbert Galo of France. We spent quite a bit of time working to make this the best conversion we’ve ever done. Look here to see the entire process.