Lots of websites do link exchanges to improve their standings in the search engines. Frankly, we don't give a crap about our Google page ranking. These are people we trust. All of these sites provide invaluable information. In most cases, we've worked with them and know them well. In every case, we can wholeheartedly recommend them.
With all the bad Karma out in the world and a seemingly endless string of disasters both man-made and natural, Helping.org is the best online resource for directing your charitable contributions. Put your goodwill where it will do the most good for the most people.

London Power, Power Press Publishing
The highest quality tube amplification equipment designed and built by Kevin O'Connor, author of "The Ultimate Tone" series, Principles of Power and more. Our tone brother in the Great White North.

Viva Analog!
The web home of J. C. Maillet, author of Inside Fender and Marshall Tube Amps. Technical insight from another Canadian brother in tone. Information on the way underrated Traynor and Garnett amplifiers too.

See what our friends at the LXH2 lab are up to. A great source of DIY projects for musical instrument and recording electronics. Unique designs using easy to find and inexpensive components, that produce truly professional quality results.

HP/Agilent Discontinued Test Equipment Library
Need to keep your older HP/Agilent test gear going? We do too. Plenty of downloadable manuals, schematics and tech notes from the company that mastered the art of electronic measurement. Get info for free here, don't pay for the same stuff on eBay!

Neotek List
The Neotek Mailing List is a valuable resource for all who own, use or service Neotek recording consoles. Hosted and operated by none other than Analog Bros. Check it out for discussion of our favorite console!

Maggie's Farm Studios, Bucks County, PA
Maggie's Farm Recording is our favorite recording studio in the Philadelphia, PA area, featuring Analog Bros. custom electronics in a great acoustic space. It's also the home studio of the boutique jazz label Palmetto Records.

Lava Cable
Pay a visit to our friend Mark at Lava Cable, for high quality MI and pro audio cables. All made in the USA!

Keep all the A/C power line contamination and spikes out of your valuable equipment. The best surge suppressor available anywhere. We have these units protecting everything in the shop, studio and office; you should too. Made in Bucks County, PA USA!

Access Rock
Access Rock is a completely unique experience in learning rock guitar. Free Customized Instruction, Win Guitars and Gear, Live Lessons, Interviews, Chat, Discuss, Get Expert Advice (from Analog Bros. too!), and much more!!

World Wide Pro Audio Directory
World Wide Pro Audio Directory is exactly what it sounds like - an exhaustive list of contacts and resources for the performing artist or technical guru. Whatever you're looking for, you should be able to find it here.

aNaLoGmAn. brand made in USA pedals and "Guide to Vintage FX". THE place to go for all your guitar pedal needs both old and new. Mike is the knowledgeable proprietor who can make appropriate suggestions for your fx requirements and modify your old pedals. Plenty of good info.

AlgoRhythms Digital Mastering NYC
Would you undergo amateur brain surgery? Don't trust your audio masterpiece to an amateur either. Take it to THE pro! Your CD will stand out from the crowd by using quality mastering, not over-compression.

GlassWare Tube CAD Software
Great CAD products for the tube audio designer by John Broskie. All of his programs are in use daily at Analog Bros. They would be a bargain at many times the price. The Tube Cad Journal provides on-line articles, designs and discussions.

Pentode Press
The online companion to Richard Kuehnels' The Fender Bassman 5F6-A. Additional details and updates from the author.

Tubes On The Web; home of the best tube tester available
Phil Frakes designed a amazing computer interface and software package to bring the Hickok Cardmatic tube tester into the 21st century. Every single tube that leaves Analog Bros has passed through this device. An outstanding product with the best customer support anywhere!

Each month we look forward to the arrival of AudioXpress in the mailbox. The combined publication of Glass Audio, The Audio Amateur and Speaker Builder. Audio related construction articles for tube, solid state and speaker projects.

Ambient Recording Studio, Easton, CT
An ultra high end facility designed by our good friend Mark Conise. Like studios of past when custom equipment was designed and manufactured in house, Mark has built an engineers' paradise. Ambient merges classic and cutting edge technologies, purist techniques and a great acoustic space.

Howard Electronic Instruments
Our only supplier for top quality soldering, de-soldering, magnification lighting, shop equipment and supplies. Fantastic customer service and great advice.

Archive Sound, Troy, VA
Rich, the other founding Analog Brother, works out of this Virginia facility. Keep your analog synthesizer in top condition. Repairs, mods, BST.

TapeOP Magazine and online
Guerrilla recording or recording gorillas? Either way, TapeOp has you covered. Low key, informative and humorous recording periodical by Larry Crane and gang. Subscribe now before the price goes up!

Tinicum Guitar Barn, Bucks County, PA
Looking for that certain special instrument or amplifier? A one-of-a-kind retail environment that's ideal for browsing, set in the beautiful Bucks County, PA countryside. Proprietor Karl Huff will make you feel welcome.

The Tone Lounge
This Myth-buster takes on tube guitar amplifier circuits. Interesting and thought-provoking reading (quite a lot of it too!). You may or may not agree with everything, but points are very well presented in a light hearted manner.

The Hammond Archives
THE online resource for the Great Hammond Tone Wheel Organ.

The Ampex Virtual Museum and Mail List
Resources for the finest professional analog tape recorders ever made. Sign up for a subscription to the Ampex email list.

Lost Art/Vintage Instruments
Al and Sue have plenty of cool old (and odd) gear and parts available for sale and trade. The force behind the famous South Jersey Guitar Show.