Here you will find articles, tips and technical information pertinent to tubes, audio amplification in general and other topics of interest to musicians, engineers and audio enthusiasts.
    It is our goal to assist in disseminating practical and factual information to the professional musical audio community, where too frequently, many opinions masquerade themselves as facts.
    In some cases we will state our opinions or subjective analysis in an attempt to engage discussion where there is not one true fact, but many, frequently contradicting points of view. We will clearly state this, keeping with our goal of separation of fact and opinion.
    We always welcome all questions and inquiries, and will respond privately to every one. If a topic is of general interest or if we can offer some specific insight to your question that may be of benefit to others, we will post it and our reply here.
"When Good Amps Go Bad"   An analysis of the things that can cause your amp to fail, such as environment, handling, and age.

Easy DIY Maintenance Tips   Simple methods of keeping your amp in top condition

Basic Electronics   A very basic introduction to Ohm's Law, also calculators to help you figure out voltage, resistance, current, and power in any circuit.

"What's it Worth to You?"   Deciding whether to repair your amp or turn it into a wine rack

A Systematic Approach to Equipment Upgrade   How to methodically turn your ho-hum amp into a killer

What Kinds of Tubes does Analog Bros. Use for Repairs?   Which ones and why

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If you’re interested in any of the technical aspects of audio engineering, or amplifier design, here are some books we’ve found interesting, unique and informative.

Audio Systems Design and Installation by Philip Giddings
Focal Press; 1990. ISBN 0-240-80286-1

This book always accompanies us on studio installations and service calls. It is an indispensable reference on everything involved within an audio facility infrastructure.

Inside Fender and Marshall Tube Amps by J. C. Maillet
Viva Analog, Inc. 1999 ISBN 0-9684849-0-5

A fascinating deconstruction of the classic Fender and Marshall circuits. Spice simulations, modification suggestions and some really great insight we’ve not seen anywhere else.

Circuit Analysis of a Legendary Tube Amplifier: The Fender Bassman 5F6-A by Richard Kuehnel
Pentode Press, 2005, 2nd edition ISBN 0-9769882-1-8

Another deconstruction and more Spice simulations dedicated to one specific (and classic) circuit. The most in-depth study of a MI amp we’ve ever come across.

The entire “The Ultimate Tone” series by Kevin O’Connor. All available from Power Press Publishing:

Kevin has obviously spent years experimenting and documenting his findings and written “the book” (actually many books) on musical instrument amplification. Far too much material to go into here, check his site for information. All are highly recommenced!

Mastering Audio; the Art and the Science by Bob Katz
Focal Press, 2002, ISBN:0-240-80545-3

An in depth guide to the many facets of audio recording, not only mastering by one of the most prolific and highly regarded engineers of the 20th century. Unique insight to Bobs' methods and innovations, particularly his thesis on "The K System". "An integrated approach to metering, monitoring and leveling practices." That chapter alone is priceless.
Great treatments on digital jitter, word length and sample rates. Extensive discussion of dynamic range and the all-too-common overuse of compression/limiting. Plenty of theory and practical information for engineers, but can also give the non-technical musician an introduction and background to the mysterious, yet critical aspect of the recording process known as mastering.