Though the pipe organ is known as the "king of instruments", the Hammond tone wheel organ can't be far behind. When coupled with a Leslie rotating speaker, this combination is capable of an enormous range of timbres and tones. Analog Bros. offers products and services dedicated to optimizing the performance, reliability and safety of this combination. Accept no substitutes for the real thing; they don't even come close!
   Our love for and work with the Hammond tone wheel organ and Leslie rotating speaker system has led us to develop a series of products, modifications and upgrades to enhance this already formidable combination. We have played, enjoyed and recorded Hammond organs for years and hope that you have the opportunity to experience the real thing.
   As with other organic technologies (tube guitar amps, magnetic tape recorders, acoustic pianos, etc.), the introduction of powerful DSP chips has seemed to contribute to the demise of of this great instrument by offering what is advertised as a light weight, inexpensive replacement. If you have the chance, put any of the digital imitators side by side with a genuine Hammond; we know you'll agree with us immediately. No computer-based device can duplicate the subtle variations, dynamics and individuality of such a complex electromechanical system.
   In these times of disposable commodities that are obsolete almost by the time they reach the marketplace, few products have the cachet of the Hammond organ. Yes, it's big and heavy, difficult to move and requires periodic maintenance, but the return on this investment is well worthwhile.