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   Analog Bros offers a diverse line of musical instrument amplification products and services, all using the highest quality components and construction techniques. These products feature a 100% vacuum tube signal path and point to point, hand wired turret board construction (no printed circuit boards or "computer-type" ribbon cables are used).
   As musicians ourselves, tone is paramount. But as engineers we believe that careful component selection, high quality craftsmanship in construction, and attention to detail result in a reliable product that is stable under all operating conditions and will function flawlessly for years to come.
   We are committed to building the best performing and best sounding amplification products, by surrounding the vacuum tubes with top quality, modern passive components and using careful layout and wiring techniques. Our construction methods lend themselves to easy field repair in the unlikely event of a problem, unlike many current products that seem to have been designed to be either disposable or require entire circuit board replacement.
Though we use vacuum tubes exclusively as the active circuit elements, we aren't stuck in the past nor do we have any desire to replicate previous designs just because they have achieved some type of cult status. Our circuit designs are the result of careful analysis, computer simulations, many versions of prototyping, and countless hours of playing and critical listening.
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