Analog Bros. offers all-tube head-unit style full-featured amplifiers, rack-mountable pre-amps and power amps. All provide the musician the ability to get a wide range of tonal colors in every situation. All Analog Bros. Custom Amplification products use the highest quality construction materials and techniques, which we have found to be effective for both performance and reliability. All products are proudly manufactured in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA.
   All audio circuitry is point-to-point hand wired with the passive components mounted on glass epoxy turret boards and secure chassis mounting of tube sockets, potentiometers, switches and jacks. All tubes are hand-picked examples of the best available of both current production and NOS types. Ceramic or Beltron tube sockets are used exclusively. All input and output connections are via chassis isolation jacks. Internal small signal runs are via shielded Mogami audio cable, while power supply and other interconnections are via Teflon insulated wiring. All passive components are voltage and temperature overrated and have been selected for the best "in circuit" performance, not for brand name or spec sheet numbers. Internal grounding has been optimized with consideration to noise, hum and safety.

   Analog Bros. uses NO CHINESE TUBES.

   Analog Bros. products are thoroughly tested at each stage of manufacturing and are burned in by being run at full output overnight prior to retest and calibration. Each unit is then subjected to a critical playing evaluation prior to delivery to the customer.

   All features and specifications are subject to change, as design improvements are implemented on a continuous basis. We will make every effort to provide for retrofit of updates and improvements to existing products whenever possible.