and Mods
   Analog Bros. offers a full range of repair and modification services. We can repair most any tube MI amplifier to original working condition or better, restore previously modified gear back to factory specs or custom modify existing equipment to your specification.

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   Analog Bros. offers a complete line of repair and maintenance services including full restorations, complete rebuilds, modifications and upgrades, and custom design work for tube musical instrument amplifiers.

   We believe that periodic maintenance is the most cost-effective method of insuring the proper and reliable function of your equipment. If a failure occurs, we offer a wide range of solutions from basic service to complete rebuilds and high quality restorations.

   We specialize in performance upgrades and modifications which enhance the existing features and tonal response of your equipment while maintaining its basic character. We consider each amp a unique and individual specimen with potential to exceed its original design criteria. However, unlike some other shops, we believe that maintaining the basic circuit topology and optimizing its performance to be a superior method of modification, as opposed to a dramatic reconfiguration that bears little resemblance to the amp that you liked enough to buy in the first place.

   We also offer custom design/build services for those clients who have an extremely well-defined vision of what they require, but have been unable to find elsewhere. This can range from combinations and alterations based on our own product line, to a complete original design done in partnership with the client.

   Detailed information on these services is available on the following pages.