We realize that not every player's desired features and tonal response characteristics may be found on any single amplifier. Subsequently, we offer a custom design/build option to meet the client's specific requirements.

   This service allows for a client to actually have a part in the design of his equipment. Unlike most manufacturers who try to produce a "one size fits all" product, we welcome the opportunity to work closely with each client to assist him in realizing his goals.

   The three levels of this service are described below.
Custom Level One:

   As each Analog Bros. amplifier is built to order or in very small production runs, we are able to offer several approaches leading to a product specifically optimized to the clients' individual needs. The most common form of this is in making minor alterations to the frequency response and gain characteristics of our standard products to suit the players' particular instrument and style. This is often all that is necessary to meet most requirements.

Custom Level Two:

   We have designed our product line with an integrated "building block" approach that allows, with minimum circuit alteration, many combinations of pre-amps, power amps and features from different models to be mated together. This is the next degree of customization we offer. This enables the desired tonal response of a particular pre-amp circuit to be mated with power amp sections of differing output tubes, configurations and power levels. It also allows for features such as reverb, fx loops or gain stages to be added to amplifiers that we initially decided against including them with in their standard form.

Custom Level Three:

   Though we feel that our standard product line and the above described options provide solutions to most any need, there may be some players who have such a demanding set of requirements as to justify the design of a completely new product.

   For the client who has a extremely well defined set of requirements, a good working knowledge of amplification components and the desire to have a completely unique, one of a kind system; we have the expertise to take their vision from conceptualization to finished product. This is a true partnership with the client requiring total dedication to the task by both parties. It can be a long, intensive and expensive proposition, but can result in the perfect synergy between musician and equipment.

   This level of customization can be performed on an Analog Bros. chassis or, depending on the specific design, a "re-issue" amplifier may be able to provide a chassis and some other parts to reduce the overall cost.

   We also offer design and prototype services to OEMs; please contact us to discuss your project details.