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   As an additional service to the tube audio community, we are willing to provide (within reason and at our discretion) email based technical support for any tube-based musical instrument or pro audio component that we're familiar with. There is no fee for this service, but in exchange for our help and information, if your equipment requires "in shop service" we'd certainly appreciate the business. Please follow the guidelines below so we can assist you better.

   Due to the amount of "spam" we receive, if there is not an AMPLIFIER PERTINENT TOPIC in the subject line, your message will NOT be read, but TRASHED. For example: a subject such as "Fender Princeton Tube Bias question" will inspire a prompt and courteous reply, but if the subject is "Question" or "Hi" you probably won't hear back from us. When we reply, we will use the "reply to" function, so be sure the address you are using is valid. Please don't ask us to reply to another address, forward the reply somewhere else or decode your anti-spam address. We're sorry to have to take these measures, but dealing with spam is taking up too much of our time that we would much prefer to spend answering your questions.

   Please do not send ANY attachments. Use ONLY plain ASCII text; no HTML or stylized fonts.

   Be thorough yet concise in describing your problem, and be sure to include the specific make, model and so forth. If you have a schematic, reference the circuit or part as it appears there. We may ask for the serial # of your amp so we can obtain the correct documentation to assist you; try to have this available. If your inquiry is vague ("my amp buzzes, what's wrong and how much will it cost to fix?"), our reply will probably be as well. As we are providing this service at no charge, don't make it hard for us to help you. Please be patient; we will reply to EVERY inquiry that meets the above criteria, but we can't guarantee same day service. We are usually closed on weekends and won't see emails until Monday.

   Some general info:

   We can't give accurate estimates for repairs or modifications without actually seeing the amp and discussing your problems and needs in detail.

   As we do not appraise equipment, please don't ask us what yours is worth. Instead, check what similar items on eBay or usenet groups have recently sold for.

   We do not sell kits, designs, parts, books, schematics or modification information. You can find sources for some of these on our links page.

   We do not build "clones" of ANY manufacturer's equipment past or present, as we respect their rights to profit from their intellectual property. We also feel our designs are better anyway!

   Please don't ask us "what's the best tube, speaker, guitar, amp, etc.". We make the best amps; beyond that it's a matter of opinion, taste and specific application.

   Regarding endorsements: sure, we'll endorse you! You buy our amps, and we'll buy your CD.

   Regarding employment and internships: as we are a small family-owned business, we rarely have openings. Please don't send resumes or inquiries. If there is an opening, we will let you know here.

   If you don't know EXACTLY what you're doing inside a tube amp, you don't belong in there. We are in no way responsible for the use, misuse, misunderstanding, etc. of any suggestions we make, unless we suggest that you send your equipment to us for service.

   Now... if you'd like to contact us, please do so at jim@analogbros.com

   And if you have a comment or question about the website, send it to webmaster@analogbros.com